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Complete Package To Set Up Your Professional Bakery

9 Essential Equipment

Bakery Checklist

Personalized Bakery Layout

Expert Consultancy

Rs. 3,80,000
Rs. 4,04,000

Ultimate FREE Checklist Guide To Setting Up A Bakery


Unboxing Professional Bakery Essentials Package

Gas Oven Single Deck Two Tray (QTY 1)

Hoshizaki Ss Undercounter Two Door Chiller 5ft X 2.5ft (QTY 1)

Ss Single Sink Unit With Splash-Back (QTY 1)

Ss Adjustable Storage Rack: 4ft (QTY 1)

Ss Tray Trolley(QTY 1)

Planetary Food Mixer 20 Litre(QTY 1)

Spiral Dough Mixer 20 Litre Automatic Timer Changer (QTY 1)

Cake Display Showcase Refrigerated 4ft (QTY 1)

Celfrost Showcase Cooler 400l

Bakery Operations Checklist

Guide For How To Market Your Business

Expert Consultation

Rs. Rs 3,80,000

Why Choose Us

We are India's first e-commerce company exclusively dedicated to kitchen equipment. We are a team of experienced professionals catering to the food industry for years. Being a one-stop platform to purchase commercial kitchen equipment and supplies online, we aim to empower hotels, restaurants, and entrepreneurs to run their businesses in a more efficient and profitable manner.

High-end technology

At Restaurant.Store, we have a wide range of high-quality products designed from a chef's perspective. Our appliances are built to bring ease in the process and save chefs' valuable time.

One-stop platform

We design equipment suitable for small commercial kitchens as well as large-size mega kitchens. From a tiny spatula to a large-size refrigerator, we are a home of every kitchen equipment.

Quick delivery

With our industry-best delivery partners and streamlined distribution methods, we are able to deliver equipment as quickly as 1 or 2 business days.


We offer consultancy and design services to both small and large restaurants and also set up commercial kitchens that speak functionality, comfort, and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! One of our services is to offer AMC where our engineers look after the conditions of equipment and make sure your kitchen performs well without any downtime. We deliver the service on-site. No service charges are applied if the equipment is in warranty period and if not, customers have to pay charges.
Yes! You can always add more equipment to the package as per your requirements. With every equipment added, the price of the package varies. The best part is that you will get that additional equipment at an offer price. So why buy every product individually when you can get a set of all your equipment that too in a reasonable package price?
Restaurant.Store has delivered packages to multiple restaurants, cafes, bakeries, & cloud kitchens. The feedback is amazing. Most of our customers prefer packages since it has all the necessary equipment and also other perks.
Restaurant.Store does not sell used equipment but our team can connect you with vendors who do. Kindly contact our customer service team for more information.
Yes! As per your Cloud Kitchen size and requirements, Restaurant.Store offers customized packages. In these packages you get to select sizes & capacities of equipment as per your needs.
Depending on the customer location, the number of equipment, and weight & dimensions of the equipment, the delivery charges vary. These charges are not included in the package price.
Restaurant.Store offers a 1-year warranty on each product in the package. Also, for branded products, the companies offer a certain warranty period that varies from brand to brand.

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